Site Launch and the BT Small Business Show!

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LogOn Internet Marketing booth in the RDS at the Small Business Show

After weeks of work we’re delighted to be able to unveil our new site in time for the BT Small Business Show this weekend in the RDS!

We’ll be exhibiting today from 2pm at stand D12, near the centre of the show. Please drop by and say hello!

We’re pretty proud of our new web image. We know there are a couple of minor issues still to be dealt with, e.g. onhover rollover in certain browsers, but on the whole we think it’s looking good.

If you spot something that looks incorrect then please drop us a note to tell us about it and we’ll have it fixed ASAP.

We hope to see you at the RDS!

Update: and here we are just before the start of the show

Note: this post is from when we were called LogOn Internet Marketing in 2007 before our move to in 2008 🙂


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