Make a GDPR Request

If you want to make a GDPR Request to WebsiteDoctor regarding any personal data we have about you, please fill in and send this form.

  • We need this to process your GDPR request
  • We need this to process your GDPR request, and to contact you to tell you what we did. Please ensure this is correct, as if it is not we will be unable to contact you about your request.
  • What you want to achieve with this GDPR request.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Data Protection Officer

Your GDPR data request will be sent to Alastair McDermott, WebsiteDoctor’s DPO.

What happens next?

We will contact you at the email address you supplied for further information, to ensure we are releasing/modifying or deleting data for the right person.

We will require you to provide us with proof of your identity and of your address. If we are not satisfied you are who you claim to be, we reserve the right to refuse to grant your request.