Trading Online Voucher Scheme

How to Get €2500 in Website Grant Funding

The government is trying to give small Irish businesses €2500 in funding for their website and online marketing, but they have a problem: not enough people are applying for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

It’s very simple grant: it’s money towards upgrading your website – maybe improving the design, making it more mobile friendly, or adding a shopping cart and ecommerce functionality.

Funds can be used for multiple services

It’s not just limited to your website, you can use it for almost anything related to online marketing, like doing a training course to help you learn about social media or blogging or SEO.

You can even use it to help pay for advertising like Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

They’re really trying to give this funding to businesses – in my area every single business that applied and was eligible was awarded the funding. But not enough are applying.

If you’re not a business owner or self-employed, but you know someone who is, share this video with them and tag them in it.

If you are a business owner or self-employed and want to know more, I have a free 15 minute video explaining how to apply and everything else you need to know about the Trading Online Voucher Scheme:

Watch the Trading Online Voucher Scheme video

Haven’t watched the Voucher Scheme video yet? It has everything you need to know about the €2,500 Trading Online Voucher Scheme.

Download Your Free Strategy Guide

This free strategy guide contains checklists and tips to help you plan your project to make the most of the Trading Online Voucher Scheme, and avoid mistakes that will cost you time and money. Discover:

  • How much you should spend and how long it will take
  • How to choose the right website platform for your project
  • How to find a good web design company, and the 3 different types of web design providers
  • Questions to ask your web designers before you start
  • Where to find second and third web design quotes for your TOVS application