Communication is crucial to the success of any project and we take it very seriously. Here’s what you can expect when you are communicating with us.


We love email. It’s good for communicating complex information, and allows sender and receiver to process it asynchronously, at a time that suits them.

Often we will respond to email within the hour, particularly if it’s something that can be answered with a quick response.

If it requires a bit more detail or we’re off email because of a meeting, etc, we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

If you have an enquiry that needs a reply as quickly as possible, put the word “Urgent: ” at the start of the subject, and call us too.


We try to take phone calls when you call. If that’s not possible we will try to return your call within the hour, and always within one business day — sometimes that means the next day.

For phone calls that need a bit longer than a quick 5 minute chat we like to schedule these in advance,  as it makes it easier to connect and be sure that everybody has a clear schedule for the call duration.


Skype is great for voice calls where we want to share a screen from a computer, and share links and text in the instant messenger part.

Sometimes it works for video calls, sometimes not – often we’ll start with video for 30 seconds and then switch it off to guarantee a better connection.