Is your WordPress website loading slowly? Are your visitors complaining – or worse, just ignoring your site because it’s so slow? Is website speed hurting your search engine optimization ranking?

If your e-commerce site is making $1,000 per day, a 1 second page delay costs you around $25,000 in lost sales every year

You need website speed optimization – we can help!

WebsiteDoctor’s WordPress Speed Optimization Service

WebsiteDoctor has been helping website owners with WordPress website speed optimization for years. Here are some results from recent projects:

  • Site 1: a 66% reduction in website loading time with 1 simple change – the page now loads in literally one-third the time
  • Site 2: originally loaded in 19.8 seconds, now loads in 7.072 seconds – a 64% improvement in page load speed
  • Site 3: we achieved 51% faster page load time without removing any page content
  • Site 4: a 40% reduction in page load time with new caching set-up
  • Site 5: 65% improvement in WordPress page load speed with one technique involving no changes to hosting or page content.
Actual results from our WordPress Website Speed Optimization Service

You don’t have to just take our word for it – check out these case studies to see exactly what we did and the actual test results screenshots:

Actual results from our WordPress Website Speed Optimization Service

If your slow website is ranking badly in Google, page speed could be the cause – Google now views it as an important SEO ranking factor.

Amazon increased sales by ~10% for every 1 second quicker the page loaded

We’ve seen pretty much everything that can go wrong with WordPress website speed, so we can help you!

A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in sales

Ready to Take Action?

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service is an investment of just EUR 300 plus VAT. For that investment, you get:

  1. A professional, experienced but easy to understand analysis of the causes of the problem
  2. We will log into your WordPress Dashboard and fix any problem that can be fixed immediately without changing the content or design content of your website materially
  3. We will walk you through all the steps required to make any further improvements that require 3rd party help (e.g. we sometines recommend moving hosting providers)
  4. We will provide before and after statistics from a 3rd party testing site documenting the improvement
  5. We will give you tips on maintaining your new, faster loading WordPress site
  6. We have a very simple, 365 day, 100% money back guarantee if we can’t improve your site to your satisfaction
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You’ll be able to see an immediate return on your money when you implement even a few of the changes we’ll suggest.

I’m also giving a very simple 100% money back guarantee: if you don’t think you’ve gotten at least one idea that will earn you $10 from this workbook, then I don’t want your money. In fact I want you to ask me for refund.

This 100% money back guarantee is good for any time in the next year – 365 days from the date of purchase – I need to put a limit on it to keep my accountant happy but a year is plenty of time for you to implement all of the suggestions and I’m confident that you’ll earn your investment many times over.

Not sure? Have any questions? Drop us a line.