WebsiteDoctor Web Development Process
Although our web development process is listed in a sequential manner, we use an Agile approach to actual development. “Agile” is an industry term describing a process or methodology that involves working through iterative, incremental cycles.

The Agile development approach is very different from the traditional waterfall model in that the scope of work is not clearly defined up front. The reasons for working in an Agile development model are primarily to:

  • Produce visible results quickly
  • Create a proof-of-concept and early rapid prototype
  • Get feedback from the target audience in order to guide future development
  • Test different types of functionality and user experiences for best results
  • Limit the risk and investment
  • Start using the product as soon as possible
  • Quickly iterate and evolve the product based on demonstrated user needs

How it works

Discovery & Planning

We take the input from our calls and meetings, your web questionnaire, the kick-off meeting and competitor reviews to create a project plan.

Design & Production of Alpha

After the Planning Phase, we will design & produce a working prototype (“Alpha” version) of your site. This will be rough in appearance but have some or all of the required functionality.

Analogy: Think of a house build project where the walls and roof have been built, but windows have not yet been fitted.

Testing: Alpha Feedback incorporated into Beta

After a round of feedback and testing, we will roll your input into a second (“Beta”) version of the site. This is much closer to the end result and may even be ready for Website Launch.

Analogy: The house building work is complete but there is no furniture, carpets or paint yet.

Testing: Beta Feedback incorporated into Launch Candidate

After a further round of feedback and testing, we will have a final “Launch Candidate” version of the site ready for final snag listing and user acceptance testing.

Analogy: The house is ready and you’ve moved in, but there are some minor details you need the builder to fix.

Launch: Launch Candidate Tested, Snag-Listed and Launched

After final snag list items are complete, the site is launched.

Analogy: House-warming party!

We have a detailed project management checklist if you’d like to see more specifics on our process.