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Website Speed Optimization
Website Performance Optimization for WooCommerce site case study



What follows are real life examples of how we have helped organisations improve their online presence.

These examples represent vastly different organisation types, verticals and age.


Speed Up Website Load Time for E-Book/Membership Site

Rift Supremacy is an information product provider in the online gaming niche. Their site is loading incredibly slowly which was killing sales! Find out how we improved that by over 50% to dramatically increase sales in this website performance optimisation case study.

  • Goal: Speed up the website page loading time

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Choose Web Designer for Import Business

John runs an importing business. He wants to put up a website which reflects the professionalism and quality of his company and product.

John had two quotes from web design companies, one for €800 and the other was for €3,800.

  1. Goal 1: Decide on what his website should do
  2. Goal 2: Pick one of the website proposals

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Planning an Ambitious Web-based Start-up

Joanne has ambitious plans for a global web-based service. Joanne requested a WebsiteDoctor consultancy to discuss a web development quote they received for $1 Million USD (Note: WebsiteDoctor case studies are depicted accurately: this was the actual proposed figure).

  1. Find out how much the website should cost to create
  2. Start planning website development

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Increase SEO & Sales for E-Commerce Business

Sinéad runs an e-commerce business which supplies natural, environmentally friendly products. She wanted to increase her position in the search engines and increase sales.

  • Goal: Create an action plan to improve the site sales

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Website Speed Optimization for WooCommerce Site

This is another slow website that got a dramatically increase in speed and subsequently sales. This is a WordPress ecommerce site using the WooCommerce plugin. For this case-study I’ve had to remove the business identity, but the screenshots and details are all accurate. There were a lot of restrictions on what could be done for both business and technical reasons, which makes the 65% reduction of Fully Loaded page time (from 19.8 seconds down to 7.07 seconds) and the 80.28% reduction of Start Render times a really super result in this case.

  • Goal: Speed up the website page loading time

Read full case study (PDF)




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