What follows are real life examples of how we have helped organisations improve their online presence.

These examples represent vastly different organisation types, verticals and age.

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Logo & Branding

Monaghan Bros

WebsiteDoctor helped a 30 year old family business to update their corporate identity in order to better reflect the quality, professionalism and the bespoke nature of their product line.

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Strategic Advice

Start-up Business Model

Joanne has ambitious plans for a global web-based service. Joanne requested a WebsiteDoctor consultancy to discuss their development plan, including a web development quote of $1 Million USD.


Website Speed Optimization for WooCommerce Site

WebsiteDoctor helped this WordPress + WooCommerce site dramatically increase in speed with from 19.8 seconds down to 7.07 seconds, and subsequently increase sales without changing the site content.


Strategic Advice

Choosing Web Designer

WebsiteDoctor helped a client decide between different web design quotes at 3 different price points. The conclusion was not obvious from the outset.


SEO Audit

E-Commerce Business

WebsiteDoctor helped this e-commerce retailer of environmentally friendly products increase their position in the search engines and increase sales.


Website Speed Optimisation

Rift Supremacy

WebsiteDoctor improved website speed by over 50% to dramatically increase sales in this website performance optimisation case study.