Your Trading Online Voucher Seminar

Date & Time

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Joining the Seminar

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Test Zoom Audio & Video Beforehand

The Zoom will be open from 5 minutes before the seminar starts. Before the start you’ll just see a holding/welcome screen – that’s fine, it is working! If nothing is happening, verify you have the correct date and time per your registration confirmation email. There is no password.

Here’s a short video introduction to using Zoom if you’re not familiar with it – it also shows how to test your microphone and camera:

IMPORTANT: Signing in

  1. Zoom includes a “Chat” section where you can put text questions, website addresses, etc. It’s visible on the desktop and mobile app versions of Zoom.
  2. During the call, I will ask you to enter your name and business name in the Chat – this will be considered your “signing in”.

If you don’t sign in, we won’t have a record of your attendance, so please ensure you do so.

Zoom Call Etiquette

  • Video on: our strong preference is that everyone is on video so that we can see each other – that makes it more like an in-person conversation.  
  • Mic muted: etiquette is to keep your microphone muted unless you need to ask a question, and to put yourself back on Zoom unless you’re speaking – that keeps the audio clear for everyone.
  • Public arena: please consider the Zoom call a public arena, do not share any confidential business information.
  • No group introductions: unfortunately due to the large numbers & time considerations, we can’t have everyone introduce themselves to the entire group.
  • Breakout rooms: at the start of the session, depending on numbers, you might be moved into a small breakout room to introduce yourself to some of the other business owners attending.

Seminar Agenda

  1. The first part is a 20-30 min presentation about the TOVS scheme, followed by a Q&A session.
  2. The second part is a mini-training workshop on web design and online marketing. This section is optional, and will be more interactive with Q&A encouraged.

Alastair McDermott –